Lion in Tokyo

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Picture Adventure: Chasing after Mechs

So as I’m sure all of you are aware, Japan is obsessed with robots. There are COUNTLESS animes/mengas/shows about robots (aka メカ, or Mecha. I’ll be referring to them as Mech because typing Mechas as a plural bothers me more than Mechs), with sizes ranging from toy-sized to the size of an entire universe, pilots as young as elementary school kids, and powers as ridiculous as, well, becoming the size of an entire universe. I know, wtf. But as much as they are silly in concept, watching them is an absolute blast.

So where did Mechs begin?

The first robot-related piece of entertainment ever released in Japan was Astro Boy, a manga originally released in 1952 about a robot (that looks like a boy) named Astro that fights bad guys with his robot-y powers. Continue reading