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Hello and welcome to lionintokyo’s directory! Here you will find a list of descriptions for all the different types of posts that I do on this blog as well as links to every single post!

Ethan Gorges Himself On

A series of posts where I buy a bunch (usually 7 or more) of Japanese food (usually interesting or weird in someway) and eat them all in one sitting for your viewing pleasure. The entire eating process is documented with words and pictures. At the end there is a tally of all the calories I consumed, EpicMealTime style, as well as an estimation of how much closer I am to dying early from diabetes. These posts are perfect for people who likes looking at pictures of Japanese food or pictures of me suffering from eating way too much than I should. Also fun fact, this is the most popular type of posts on the blog…you soulless foodies.

Posts in this category:
Me goring on Japanese Bakery.
Me gorging on Japanese Icecream.
Me gorging on Japanese pudding.
Next up:
me gorging on an offensive amount of fried things.

Picture Adventure

Probably my favorite type of posts to write, these posts are dedicated to teaching you about a certain aspect of Japanese culture through words and a lot of pictures. Content is 100% authentic as everything is something I’ve personally encountered here. Expect to be 1 thing less confused about Japan after reading these posts, which is good enough because we all know that Japan is too confusing as a whole to be ever figured out. These posts are perfect for people who actually want to learn something about Japanese culture through my experiences and not just look at pictures of food, or people who are interested in reading about the cool things I personally encountered on my journey.

Posts in this category:
That time I chased after Mecha’s in real life.
That time I found people doodling anime at Shinto Shrines.
Next up:
rabbit and cat cafes.

The Story So Far

A summary post that I do every few weeks that briefly goes over what I’ve been doing in Japan. The lack of pictures in these posts are made up by detailed recounts of all the interesting/weird things I’ve experienced here. These posts are perfect for people who’s actually interested in what I’ve been doing here or people who want to live vicariously in Japan through my posts lol.

Posts in this category:
How I spent my first week in Japan.
How I spent my summer in Japan.
How I spent my first month of actual school in Japan.

Location Tour

As the title suggests, there are just picture dumps of particular places I’ve been to. So far I’ve only done ones of my university and dorm; will post stuff about my two week trip across Western Japan once I extortobtain the pictures out of my friends.

Posts in this category:
Tour of my dorm in the summer.
Tour of my university.

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