Lion in Tokyo

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Ethan Gorges Himself on: Icecream

I was walking through a 7-11 a week ago when I spotted some really weird ice creams. No, not matcha; that’s shit is normal as hell here. I’m talking about Carrot and Tomato flavored ice cream. Yes. Vegetable flavored ice cream, made by none other than Haagen-Dazs. I immediately decided that I need to try those, along with a bunch of other flavors that aren’t as common in the States. In the end I ended up getting 11 different kinds of ice cream, and ate them in one sitting, for your viewing pleasure.
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Ethan Gorges Himself on: Pudding

I know how much you foodies and brunch queens like food, and I know how much more you like taking and looking at pictures food (looking straight at you, Asian girls), so here is a blog post dedicated purely to food! “Ethan Gorges Himself On” will be a series where I stuff myself with copious amount of Japan-related food and blog about it. You can enjoy all the pictures of food safely behind your computer screen, away from all the calories, while I slowly develop diabetes.

Why does this sound like an excuse for you to eat a lot of unhealthy food at once…

Wh..Whaaaaaat? Nah….Don’t be ridiculous…That can’t be….No way….I eat mad healthy….Yea….This is entirely for..em…Science! Yes! I’m doing this for science!

Right. Science. I’m totally convinced.

Silly reader, we both know I’m eating those puddings whether you like it or not. Now, lets get started.
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The Story so Far: part I

It’s been about 5 days since I’ve arrived in Tokyo; today is the first day of actual classes, and everything seems pretty chill. Cool things to do, cool places to go and cool people to do it with. Not a bad first few days of study abroad. I like it. K bye.

WAIT…that’s it? Come on dude. Give a little detail.

Uhh fine, what do you want to know?

I don’t know man, start from day one. How was it like coming into Tokyo?

A bit overwhelming to be honest. The last time I’ve traveled to a foreign country by myself was Taiwan, and I had 4 friends with me, not to mention I understand Chinese perfectly. I remember stepping off the train of Shinjuku (新宿) 5 days ago for my hotel and still not fully grasping the concept that I will be here for the next half a year. Tokyo (or at least the parts I’ve been to so far) feels a bit like Taiwan, but with everything in Japanese.
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